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Workshops & Consultancy

The Workshops are mainly about brainstorming! There is no better way to come out with an innovative list of ideas, spontaneously contributed by all stakeholders concerned. The following steps lead us to a more concrete conclusion on what needs to be gamified and why!

a. Group Ideation Sessions (Where and how to apply Game thinking and design)

b. Choosing the pilot (short-list from the ideas generated)

c. Reaching agreement on what ROI could be expected and when

d. Approach to implement the pilot chosen

Our Subject Matter Experts and Domain teams are typically involved at this stage, to provide guidance on these group ideation sessions and to channelize the effort to carefully and meaningfully apply game thinking and design to your enterprise.

Once an agreement is reached on the best possible application of Gamification for your enterprise, the implementation team gets to work and delivers based on the ROI plan charted out during the workshops and the consultancy phase.