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SOA/API Delivery – Factory Model

The SOA/API Factory Delivery model was formulated to bring in a cost-effective method for mass producing SOA services and APIs. This delivery model for building shared services/APIs drastically reduces your costs for development, together with providing a strong and effective backbone for design, and deployment activities carried out in parallel.

The team implements shared services/APIs taking specifications provided by the CoE, refining these and working with multiple project teams, who stitch together these services/APIs into project-specific solutions for a customer. The Factory is therefore a delivery resource used by project teams accessing or developing shared services / APIs.

Some obvious benefits from the service factory model include:

  • Applications that are highly componentized on a wide-spread, cost-effective basis
  • The focus of the core client team is on integrating services/APIs produced in large numbers, rather than on
          churning out these services/APIs
  • The adoption of such a model would mandate solid standards to be introduced in the very early stages, robust
          planning and a solid governance structure
  • Services/APIs would become the pervasive fabric of all applications leading to highly integrated processes in
          lesser time owing to a large factory dedicated to producing them
  • Increased manageability through smaller dedicated work streams enables the IT team to contribute directly to
          business agility and innovation