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SaaS Enablement Methodology & Libraries

SaaS (software as a service) enablement methodology and libraries are a set of processes, software libraries and reference implementations that Torry Harris has created based on the best practices gained from many successful migrations.

SaaS enablement requires the existing application to be re-engineered to make it scalable, configurable and supportive of multi-tenancy. To make it scalable, the application has to be made multi-layered. One can add auto-scaling to an architecture by virtualizing existing resources and adding more resources to each layer, as and when required.

To match the needs of each customer accessing the application, each layer (presentation layer, business logic layer, security and data layer) of SaaS software needs to be made configurable. Torry Harris has built a reference rules engine framework that can be plugged into an existing application. This helps in adding user/country specific extensions to the base application, in-line with the configuration. This can be easily integrated into an application to display user/country specific information and make the entire application configurable.

How it helps the ISVs?

  • Enables a seamless migration to Cloud with thorough impact analysis and recommendations for migrating
         in-house applications to the Cloud
  • Offers potential to create APIs for some of the commonly-used cases within the existing application
  • APIs and a shared data model allow the application to support multi-channel access
  • Enables identification and re-engineering of existing IT service portfolios to complement SOA/API adoption

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