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Native Smartphone App Development

The proliferation of the “smartphone” has ensured that mobile applications are now the most important & direct gateway to customers. A well-developed mobile application can help you increase customer engagement with your brand & retain them. With access to our expert team of designers & developers, you can realize this dream & We will help you craft the best solution.

With its increasingly loyal fan bases, iOS & Android have established themselves as the prominent platforms. Our expertise in these platforms helped us deliver solutions to various government agencies & major telecom organizations. We also focus on platforms such as Windows Phone & BlackBerry to deliver Apps. With our state-of-the-art offshore mobile development studios, cost efficient development is now a reality.

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Northcorp has been a crucial
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Ahmad Sharif
Ahmad Sharif

Chairman, Kollol Company LTD.

They provide great quality for
the best prices that I have
found in the business.
I have been very happy
with their work to date
andrecommend them highly.


United States.

They provided so much more
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interaction with their representative.

Karen Robertson
Karen Robertson