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Low Cost Architecture Solutions

The key to growth in any enterprise depends mainly on clever investments and scrupulous IT spending. A major cause of worry for IT firms is the portion of budget they spend on software licensing itself. It is seen most of the times that enterprises are not happy with the commercial vendors whose products they use either because they are high in cost, the software is tightly coupled with the infrastructure or the software is not flexible enough to integrate with any other software. Also the high maintenance cost posed by primitive IT infrastructure running on commercial software has been one of the other deep concerns for enterprises. Therefore, for more reasons than one, it becomes important to choose an alternate form of software or an entirely new software architecture which can save money and settle enterprise agonies.

Torry Harris, having done dedicated research and analysis on the trends of spending in IT, provides key solutions for problems related to reduction in the Capex and Opex cost on products by suggesting Open Source based alternative solutions in place of commercial software. These recommendations are made after a full-fledged, phase wised approach of detailed and focused study on the IT landscape of the client enterprise.