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Internet of Things(IOT)

Northcorp has worked on many IoT related projects, making us an efficient Internet of Things service provider. We have gathered critical machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, the key enablers of IoT technology. With MSys you can build and operate end to end IoT systems. The entire spectrum of services MSys offers includes consulting, technology, and outsourcing services in the Internet of Things domain. We have developed deep expertise in every technology associated with Internet of Things. Our offerings are deep, focused, and cost-effective.

Designing and Developing Software on Gateways

Designing and Developing Software on Gateways

  • Interface to connect to the devices through GPIO/Serial/USB/Other ports
  • Using MQTT protocol to communicate with the devices
  • Software on Gateways like Reliagate 50-21, RaspberryPI and BeagleBone
  • Communicate with devices with M2M capability
Designing and Developing Applications

Designing and Developing Applications

  • REST APIs to manage the data in the cloud
  • Auditing using the Java Interceptors and ActiveMQ
  • Web applications using multiple technologies
  • Native and Hybrid mobile apps for Android and iPhones
Internet Of Things(IoT)

Northcorp Software lives up to expectation of a huge clientele by implementing intelligent, inventive and innovative mobility solutions. We empower businesses deriving productivity, performing to their limits and producing great revenue..

If you are looking for any sort of website/web application design & development consultation, solution, service and product, contact one of your executives at 011-26303698 or drop your enquiry on .   We are working round the clock to help our clients with suitable solutions.

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Ahmad Sharif

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Karen Robertson