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Automation Alternates

Torry Harris being a niche player in the areas of SOA, Cloud computing, Big Data, Mobile Applications and Gamification, develops several in-house automation alternatives that improves the performance and scalability of services developed. As a direct consequence to which, enhancement in productivity and reduced cost overheads are realized.

Alongside passionately nurturing wide spread R&D in the Open Source software arena, in Torry Harris we envision innovative automation strategies that are capable of excelling expected industry standards to minimize manual intervention substantially. During the phase of study, gap analysis and migration of commercial software stack into Open Source within an enterprise, we often come across many a scope for building and suggesting automation alternatives. Post assessment of the entire IT landscape of the enterprise, we look at areas for process automation. In certain business specific scenarios we also come up with bespoke solutions which not only meet business requirements but also reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the enterprise.

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