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Vision and Strategy

This first phase in the digital enablement process is about identifying your value proposition, as a business, to the digital ecosystem at large. At this stage, we could assist you with the following:

Socialization / Awareness creation

  • Conduct awareness sessions to create the right mind-set among the employees of the organization at different levels, so they appreciate the value of being digitally enabled
  • Conduct workshops with business teams to identify opportunities for digitization. Translate and drill down into business cases.
  • This has to be aligned with business strategy. If required, current strategy needs to be re-evaluated for fitment/conflict with digitization needs.
  • Once you identify the value-proposition, the next step as in any business scenario would be to identify the revenue opportunities and to finalize the business models to tap into these. At this stage, we could support the following activities:

  • Develop the Business Case & Model

  • A preliminary impact assessment would be conducted to assess the extent of changes needed for the new business models identified. This could even lead to letting go of the traditional business models you follow or have been practicing.
  • Customer base/market study would need to be conducted by your internal team and initial forecasts made. Based on this, indicative costs and budget request would need to be made and a sponsorship model would be setup.

  • Charting the Digital Roadmap

  • A digital transformation roadmap is created by evaluating priorities, opportunities, etc
  • The IT team (CIO, CTO) will conduct an assessment of the current IT setup to decide on modernization and changes to align to the digitization needs – Setting up of Cloud platforms, build/buy decisions, etc
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