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IT Architecture Enablement and Delivery

This phase is about “enabling your internal IT assets” for digital-friendly consumption by your partners and customers. We could assist you on several fronts in this phase as detailed below:

API Enablement and Management

  • API Enablement of assets for third party collaboration: Vision, Strategy, Architecture, Design and development (turn-key) of your API Management needs. This also includes expertise in third-party API management products.
  • Tools and solution accelerators developed by Torry Harris to accelerate this journey, including a low-cost alternative to the commercial API management products, which is open-standards based and highly configurable.

  • SaaS Enablement of traditional applications

  • This includes setting up of the underlying layers we well – PaaS and IaaS and re-architecting the applications.
  • Setting up and managing a Cloud-based infrastructure (both public and private) to power the high-volume, high-throughput, scalable platforms for the digital world.
  • We offer an intuitive framework (the SaaS enablement framework), that allows accelerating such enablement

  • Transformation and Integration

  • This step starts with an application rationalization initiative as a first step that allows for consolidation and better use of the existing applications.
  • Then begins the transformation and integration of your IT landscape by decomposing monolithic and rigid legacy applications into a Service-oriented paradigm which in-turn enables monetization & churning out of new business models

  • Building digital channels and operational efficiency

  • Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Social Apps, etc. We offer a Mobilizer framework that accelerates Mobile enablement.
  • Internal Digitization: Non-customer-facing Business Process automation, enterprise mobility and process optimization so as to build efficiencies within your enterprise

  • Data – Making sense of data through correlation

  • We help harness data generated by applications (structured data) and data generated from social channels (unstructured data) to offer real-time monitoring of business KPIs, risks, threats, etc.
  • Consumer Marketing Analytics in order to drive more insightful decisions

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