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Digital Enablement

We'll start with what we mean by "Digital". In our opinion, "digital" is a mind-set, where people are encouraged to constantly think about quicker ways, 'next-to-zero cost' ways of reaching the right information about themselves/their products/services, to be accessed by their audiences at the right time, delivered through the right medium/device, to drive decisions.
In a world where the cost to compete and the barriers to compete are melting away, every single function in your business, without exception, needs to think about creating an ecosystem required to put-together relevant information and deliver it without incurring additional cost, through the right medium to multiple consumers simultaneously, without diluting their individual experiences. The service/offer thus created should be capable of being enriched/enhanced/reproduced at very little or no cost within growing communities which have similar customer journeys.
As is evident, this cannot be achieved through a one-off approach. It requires sustained effort to progressively define the correct strategy for your enterprise, the digital tools, platforms and technologies to proactively build such an eco-system. Merely having a "mobility team" may not address the whole chain, as your existing functionality & processes would have to be accessible & reproducible to enable information sharing & interoperability with other businesses. In our experience, the following steps help to progressively realize digital enablement for your enterprise.

This first phase in the digital enablement process is about identifying your value proposition, as a business, to the digital ecosystem at large.

This second phase is about aligning the structure within your organization to meet the digital roadmap you charted in the previous phase...

This phase is about “enabling your internal IT assets” for digital-friendly consumption by your partners and customers.